Forward Looking Sonar



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Forward Looking Sonar

NORBIT SUBSEA's Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) is a high resolution Wideband Multi Beam Sonar with Real-time Image Update.

The WBMS-series are ultra compact sonar's designed specifically for use on moving platforms. NORBIT SUBSEA's wideband Multi Beam technology allows long range real-time image updates, whilst simultaneously achieving high range resolution.

The WBMS-series are based on a flexible sonar platform that utilizes the latest in analogue and digital signal processing. Combined with our R&D expertise, this flexibility enables us to adapt the technology to allow new applications to benefit from the advantages offered by a compact wideband Multi Beam sonar.


  • Long range
  • High update rate
  • High angular resolution
  • High range resolution
  • Ethernet interface
  • Standard video streaming protocols
  • Ultra compact single unit solution


  • Inspection (on ROV, AUV and other moving platforms)
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Search and recovery
  • Leak detection