Single Beam Echo Sounder

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Single Beam Echo Sounder

High Resolution Single Beam Echo Sounders (SBES) and Acoustic Systems for Precision Sea-floor Exploration.

SyQwest is the world leading manufacture of Single Beam Echo Sounders, - depth measuring from 30 cm to full ocean depth of 12,000 meter.

More than 30 years experience in the design, manufacturing and technical support of high quality, data acquisition and tactical equipment for the military and scientific communities.

Over the past ten years SyQwest has delivered over 3,000 sonar systems to satisfied customers worldwide.

Sub-Bottom Profiling, Chirp Sub-Bottom, Side Scan Sonar and Marine Geophysical Instrumentation is all part of the wide product range.

Syqwest Inc. is the successor company to Ocean Data Equipment Corp (ODEC), which was founded in 1969. Today our dedicated staff of professionals strives to provide exceptional and innovative acoustic solutions to our global marketplace.

Provided innovative product designs for applications in; marine hydrographic and geophysical surveying as well as military sonar markets worldwide.

SyQwest's principal technologists are prior employees of Raytheon and have significant experience in the design, manufacturing and support of sophisticated acoustic instrumentation.


  • High resolution single beam echo sounders
  • Single and dual channels
  • CHIRP Profiler on selected units
  • Centimetre resolution
  • Interface to thermal printer
  • Data storage and playback
  • Sound velocity and draft offset
  • Bottom zoom and tracking
  • Interface to Windows PC
  • GPS input, NMEA compatible


  • Hydrographic and Oceanographic surveys
  • From shallow water to full ocean depth
  • Sub bottom marine surveys
  • Bottom penetration to 300+ meters
  • Harbour and waterways survey
  • Sediment survey
  • Environmental survey
  • Rivers and lakes
  • Fixed or portable sounders even deep sea versions