Sound Velocity Profiler



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Sound Velocity Profiler

AML Oceanographic (formerly Applied Microsystems) is an innovative manufacturer of Sound Velocity, CTD and Environmental sensors, probes and instruments.

AML's customers are located in more than 100 countries and include organizations in the fields of hydrography, science and research, and environmental monitoring.

AML Oceanographic is the only manufacturer of X-change field-swappable sensor-heads. Each X-change sensor-head contains its own embedded calibration, a key part of enabling the sensor to work with any X•Series instrument. It is this embedded calibration - as well as critical electronics components - that ensure that field accuracy is maintained.

NORBIT SUBSEA Multi Beam Echo Sounders are as standard equipped with a AML on-line Sound Velocity Sensor.


  • Sound Velocity Profiler
  • Time-of-flight methodology
  • Accuracy up to ± 0,025 m/s
  • Range up to 6.000 metres
  • Field swappable sensor heads
  • Automatic data logging
  • Self powered or external powered
  • Sensor x-changeable instrument
  • Print of calibration data of all sensors


  • Hydrographic and Oceanographic surveys
  • Sound Velocity input to Single Beam Echo Sounders
  • Sound Velocity input to Multi Beam Echo Sounders