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Airmar's high-powered, Broadband Transducers are supplied as original equipment with many survey-echo sounder systems from leading manufacturers. When used as replacement transducers for already-installed systems, they make the perfect, low-priced, high-value, performance enhancement.

Frequencies from 10 kHz up to 200 kHz as single- or dual frequency.

Deep and shallow-water survey with hull mount or portable mounting.

Transducer tank to most transducers can be supplied.

Single- and dual frequency. Frequencies from 3 kHz up to 660 kHz up to 10 kW Power.


  • Low Q for shallow water performance
  • Internal matching transformer, impedance
  • Minimal side-lobs
  • Single or dual frequency
  • Narrow beam angle, 2.8 deg. only
  • Up to 10 kW power
  • Seamless urethane housing or stainless steel
  • Robust acoustic window
  • Tank mount


  • Hydrographic and oceanographic surveying
  • Shallow water survey down to 0.3 metre
  • Deep ocean survey up to 12,000 metres
  • Portable mounting (over the side mount)
  • Sub-bottom profiling